The market went up but I am sad


For the past month, the market had recovered around 300 points from a low of mid 2500 level to 2800. I tried to be disciplined by following my original plan here, but it seems that was a mistake! I originally intend to enter the market at various points as it gradually got lower but it did not occur to me to even think what to do when the market recovers from the halfway point. Now I am sitting on 50% of my war chest and around 10% gains on investments, not knowing what to do with either of it. I am currently leaning more towards unloading everything and waiting for the next drop.

Though the market seems to be doing better, there is still some apprehension here and there, especially with the upcoming US elections, where it feels like a selection between the lesser of two evils. I sure hope something big happens because this market development is suffocating, and I would be terribly disappointed if market recovers to 3k+ in the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “The market went up but I am sad

  1. I think as you might have already feel, it’s not easy to dictate where the market is going to go. I personally don’t see anything wrong with your original strategy, it’s just not yet acceded by what the market thinks. Again, if you sell everything now and are holding 100% cash thinking that the market will crash and you’ll be able to utilize the cash and get instant rich from there, it’s much harder than it seems again.


    • Hey, thanks for the reply again! It’s hard to predict where the market will bottom out and it is unfortunate that I lost an opportunity by predicting the market bottom wrongly, but I would think realizing some profits should be good at this point. I don’t think the market is going to go lower than before, although I would definitely welcome that scenario anytime, but there should be some volatility in the market to trade at the moment and I’m planning to do so with the cashflow from divestment – after all, I don’t want to be 50% vested and trading with the other 50%, or should I? Hmm….


      • Referring to your comments of “I don’t think the market is going to go lower than before….”,

        Nobody knows where the market is going!

        And why should we feel sad when market is going up or down? If u having emotional changes when the swing of 2500-2800, then the focus should not be the market but rather building a character deep down.

        Rather than being fixated to what to do with 50%, 60% Bla Bla bla cash, create a monthly investment plan, just be patience and stop focusing on the market all the time!


      • Haha, I check my stock tracker app habitually at 9am everyday since I have nothing better to do in the army anyway! And I’m not all that depressed at all! Just a little bummed out that I let an opportunity fly by me like that. Still trying to solidify my investing profile though – learning in progress!


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