The Haystack


Not much of a haystack, but one day…!

This week, I came across this post which is basically a compilation of some portfolios of financial bloggers in Singapore. I find this really interesting as during 2015 where I had to luxury of time to read almost every single post on, I read and explored the affiliated blog’s content. Since then, I got to know the quirks of each blogger – their style of investing, methods for analysis, manner of writing etc and I could easily recognize and tag some of the portfolio names with the related blogger. I kind of like the sense of identity that portfolio provides and so, to join in this party, I am also officially naming my portfolio – The Haystack.

There is a bit of history behind the word Hay, but that’s a story for next time. For now, I don’t have much of a portfolio given the current market (for future reference, STI is at 2630) but my portfolio page should look more complete after accumulation of my main positions later this year. Here is my portfolio as of now.

The more I get into this investing circle, the more I start to feel its a game. Similar to an RPG, you start with absolutely nothing, progressively train your character and hope to reach the end game as soon as possible – at least that is the case for me and most other bloggers. I could savor the game leisurely, explore the environment and reach end-game at 62 years old; Well, that’s usually how I play my games, and from experience, that brings me nowhere. I was thinking for once, perhaps I could show some perseverance for once and grind it up. After all, I am in it for the long haul.