Doom and Gloom


Its only been the first trading day of 2016, and all I see is a sea of red in global markets. I’m mainly following the Singapore market and observing some US stocks but it’s been getting gloomier since Black Monday last year where I just so happened to have bought my very first stock.

I’m still holding on to majority of my warchest due to the poor global outlook but I’m getting a little tempted to start reeling in some counters I’ve been eyeing for a while. I must admit I almost lost my cool and placed two large buy orders, betting on a gut feel of a January rally – shows how inexperienced I truly am. That was until I saw red today and sensed blood in the water – an increasingly likelier chance of a market crash this year and better opportunities to be had.

Still wondering what I should do with my spare cash lying around doing close to nothing. I just got $20 from redeeming a month’s worth of SSB (woo!) so I have that going for me at least. In all seriousness though, I am considering bond laddering or just dumping the whole warchest into some fixed deposit, but those are some options which I feel are kind of suboptimal – and I’m not going to play my hand weak. Day after day for the past few months, I’m just scouring the market for opportunities; akin to the famous Nat Pagle – I can wait and fish all day! – yet not many have appeared in the same magnitude as Black Monday last year but I’ll be ready, ready to let loose the big guns for some delicious delicious profits.

By the way, I just read some article while procrastinating writing this blog about how today was the worst opening for the Dow in 84 years – I immediately lost my guts like how I lost my rights when I enlisted a year ago. I really am easily deterred by these kind of news, I mean a fact is a fact, so it’s not as if I could ignore the sheer reality of it. Flashes of crimson red flags appeared in mind, current oil prices at $35 – almost reaching 2008 financial crisis level, an abnormal lack of financial crises for a exceptionally long period of 7 years and China’s bubble popping. These are signs I tell you – like how birds fly low before thunderstorms or rats deserting a city before an earthquake, I anticipate something ominous. I guess I have to continue playing this waiting game and see how this moment in history unfolds. The truly successful people are the ones who thrive in unsettling conditions – I yearn to be one to no end.