First post and stuff

Hello all,

This is the first ever post I am ever going to make on my hopefully lasting endeavor of a financial blog! Well, as of today, the year of 2015 is coming to an end but it is merely the prelude to my dream of financial freedom. The passage of time has passed through me like a breeze and I am already a ripe 21 years old from this month on. It scares me a little when society finally recognizes me as an adult when I get kicked out of the army a.k.a ORD next year. Well, not that I am unhappy to ORD but this means I am closer to being required to be wholly responsible for my own self. I will need the means to generate sufficient income to sustain my ideal lifestyle.

Experiences, gadgets, food – these things cost money and quality ones rarely come cheap. Like many others, I do have a list of goals I want to achieve for this lifetime. However, this often means that we would need to risk many other things in order to achieve these goals. What is the opportunity cost of travelling the whole world at 20 years old? You get a late start in your career, and likely to have weaker prospects compared to peers who started out earlier. True, you get the experience of a lifetime for the moment, but you sacrifice a cushier life in the long run. I am aware of this dilemmatic predicament,  yet I definitely do not want to slog my entire life away.

In life, you rarely get the best of both worlds, that is the unfortunate fact we have to face, we make our decisions and hope the ship will straighten its course before its too late.

So much for the supposed optimism in a new beginning, but then again, how apt for the bleak outlook of 2016.

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I’d rather be rich and sad because there’s no such thing as poor and happy


I wish I had the guts to live life guns blazing and yolo it up but I am not exactly the most ambitious person, ultimately, what I really want is to be rid of the pressure of money. I don’t need the power and don’t want to deal with unnecessary bullshit. I just want a simple life with my family in some nice open country (Singapore is getting too stale for my liking) where I don’t have to worry about anything – to pursue some hobbies I had always wanted to start, travel the world and just enjoy life. Then again, isn’t that the life most people look forward to?

To avoid the terrible fate of running corporate hamster wheel of death for the next 40 years, I am taking action to embark on my journey in pursuing financial freedom. I know this is quite an early start, maybe premature even, but I hope this 5-year headstart over the others will give me enough leverage to pull away from the mundane future nobody likes to live. When I look back on this very first post of my blog in the future, I want to be on a hammock by some vacation house I own, sipping on some iced tea, taking a cool 15 minutes to read this single post and be relieved that I can afford to live one day at a time.